/ˈæli / (say 'alee)

noun (plural alleys)
1. a narrow enclosed lane.
2. a narrow backstreet.
3. a walk, enclosed with hedges or shrubbery, in a garden.
4. a long narrow enclosure with a smooth wooden floor for bowling, etc.
5. a two-up school run on organised lines and under strict control: *I tore me coat an' cut me lip gittin' away from the Johns at Paddy Flynn's alley. –louis stone, 1911.
6. Horseracing Colloquial position at the barrier (def. 7), drawn by a horse for a race: from a wide alley he went to the front.
phrase (alleyed, alleying)
7. alley up, to pay up (a debt, etc.).
8. up someone's alley, in the sphere that someone knows or likes best: *He'll just love Addington. It will be right up his alley –mercury, 1988.
{Middle English aley, from Old French alee a going, passage, from aler go}
/ˈæli / (say 'alee)

noun (plural alleys)
1. Also, acker. a large playing marble.
2. (plural construed as singular) the game of marbles.
3. make one's alley good, Colloquial to curry favour.
4. toss in the alley, Obsolete Colloquial to die.
{diminutive abbreviation of alabaster}
/ˈæli / (say 'alee) World War I Colloquial

verb (i)
1. to go, usually quickly.
2. alley at the toot, to depart quickly.
{corruption of French allez go!; phrase from allez toot suite, a corruption of French allez toute de suite go immediately}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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